I finish every run with stretching and pushups and such in my driveway, which is separated from the road by a stone wall, trees and greenery.   I can’t really see anyone driving by and  was operating under the assumption that no one can really see me.  So imagine my surprise when a bearded fellow in a Kia Soul pulled up alongside my wall and leaned out the window asking “Are you ok?”  I popped up from my pushups and assured him I was fine.  “I’ve seen you running and when I saw you on the ground I wanted to be sure there was nothing wrong.”  I thanked him profusely for being so kind, and reassured him that  all was well.  He pulled away with a wave and I slunk into the house feeling a bit embarrassed (I guess I still look inspirational), but mostly grateful.  How cool that a young guy is compelled to turn the car around and check on me!  Mainers are so nice!


I did some speed work today, but not because I intend to set any records at my half-marathon.  Honestly, I’ll just be happy to cross the finish line no matter how long it takes!  But the unfamiliarity of running really fast changes the way your nervous system interacts with your muscles, training the brain to be more efficient when communicating between muscles and nerves and helping increase the power of your stride.  It also boosts your “speed reserve”, making running at a normal pace seem easier,  and decreases the likelihood of injury in a race scenario if you get excited and go out too hard.    These are all helpful things, so I’ve been adding a few bursts of full out running during every training run,  and lots of intervals on shorter runs like today.  I’m not sure  it will improve my racing, but it is pretty fun to go as fast as I can.  If you are interested in trying some speed work yourself, Running Times has a great article here:




I ran an easy five miles in the morning fog (Oh Maine!) listening to the Extra Hot Great podcast people discuss Game of Thrones.    Someone pointed out that Cersei forgiving Jamie for raping her was very Luke and Laura– and then apologized for making the reference.  But of course Game of Thrones is a soap opera (George R.R. Martin used to write for Beauty and the Beast)—a serialized drama focused on the lives and loves of a few core families.   It’s Passions with a bigger budget- and that’s a compliment, not a slur.

I stretched with Insanity this morning, and feel surprisingly great after my 9 mile jaunt yesterday.   I’m confident I will finish my half-marathon, and am even pretty zen about the possibility of coming in last.    As I read on a running site “Even if you’re last, you beat the guy who never got off the couch.”  Exactly!


If you haven’t been watching 24 this summer, you have been missing out.  The show is exactly the same as it was five years ago, which makes it feel slightly old fashioned and thoroughly comfortable-even as people are maimed, murdered, tortured and blown up by drones.  Last night’s noble sacrifice by President Heller, who stoically awaited death from above in the middle of Wembley Stadium , was probably my favorite tv moment this summer.




And now we can watch Jack Bauer exact his revenge.  Again.   This is perfect summer television-silly, familiar and full of explosions.   Though I do have one tiny gripe.  Jack’s changed his bag from green to black, which does match his outfit but is just incorrect.    Jack Bauer is too full of angst, and honor, and bitterness, and regret to make time for fashion.


hip hip hooray (blue on white)

My schedule was scrambled due to company (Maggie!), politics (the Green Party convention!) and family (Father’s Day!).  But I got in my long run in this morning and it went really well!  9 miles!  Yay me!

Today’s run was easy–and no turtles!  There was, however, the unmistakable aroma of skunk.  They eat turtle eggs, don’t they?

I’m looking forward to tonight’s hockey game and the likely presentation of the Stanley Cup to the Kings.  I am ready for this unsatisfying season to end, and a brand new one to begin.  Draft Day is just two weeks away!



1402285388001-TONYS-performance-20gladys-knight-fantasia-barrino-patti-labelle-68th-tony-awards-red-carpet-billboard-400What fun to see Carole King (72)Gladys Knight (70) and Patti LaBelle (70) looking great and sounding even better!