Sam and Cat’s last episode airs tonight, which makes me very sad.  I loved this show, and iCarly and Victorious, and hope it’s not the end of that particular universe.  Sam and Cat was sort of a junior Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23,in which a quirky pair of roommates- one cheerily naïve, one selfishly shady- and their hair-obsessed friend shared ridiculous adventures.

JAMES VAN DER BEEK, KRYSTEN RITTER, DREAMA WALKERBaby stealing drones!  Killer tuna motorcycle jumps!   Dog dancing competitions! I loved the inspired silliness, the crazy cameos (Laverne and Shirley!), the relentlessly happy endings.

Thank goodness Almost Royal is still on Saturday nights.  Poppy and Georgie are touring Washington DC this week and that should fulfill my goofy tv requirement- at least until Sharknado 2.


Thank you, Canada, for producing many of my favorite shows, like





Orphan Black,


Covert Affairs,


and Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry, who really ought to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame.


C’mon super-secret selection committee!  You waited too long to vote  in Pat Burns.    Please induct 80-year-old Don while he is still here to appreciate the honor.


1.  Anybody can run.  I’ve written before that success in sport is more mind than muscle and yesterday’s half-marathon bore that out.    We back-of-the-pack runners were mostly middle-aged women and few of us looked as if we’d ever been athletes.  But the lot of us finished, despite the ridiculously warm weather and the multitude of highway hills.   Meanwhile, a coterie of volunteers in our age range munched pizza and shook their heads as we ran by, telling us “good job!”  and each other “I could never do that”.    But of course they could!

2.  But you have to have a training plan.   Everybody I chatted with had followed a plan to get them over the finish line, and everybody made it.  The lone exception was a 20-year-old who had come with her sister, and figured she was fine as she ran track in high school and still jogged now and then.   But the sister was fast! and the poor kid ended up in the back with the elderlies.  She managed to finish, though, after adopting my strategy of running to a telephone pole, walking to a telephone pole—and cranking it every time the road tipped downhill.  Next year, she too will have a training plan.

3.  Nothing tastes better than a popsicle at mile 12.5.  God bless the folks handing out popsicles and encouragement at the top of the last darned hill.  I gave up even pretending to run and finished my treat just in time to semi-sprint across the finish-  to encourage those volunteers to give it a try next year.  Or maybe just because it was fun.


I did it!!  It was hot, and it was hilly, but I finished in 2:41!!   I am feeling quite pleased with myself.  Also, my feet hurt.

Three miles, thirty minutes.  I’m beginning to feel like a real runner!

Patrice Bergeron628x471

And three cheers for Bruins Tuuka Rask and Patrice Bergeron,who took home trophies last night, as well as Dominic Moore and Nathan MacKinnon who both seem like good eggs.    Kudos as well to Zdeno Chara, who lost out on the Norris but made the first team All-Stars anyway, and Torey Krug who was named to the all-rookie squad.  Though all of these accolades do highlight what a great team this was–and how badly they underachieved in the playoffs.  Sigh.  But Friday is draft day and the beginning of a whole new season.  I’ve got a good feeling about 2014-15…..


Bonjour, mes amis!  I ran four quick miles listening to Coffee Break French and thinking about tonight’s NHL Awards.  The annual ceremony is probably the most awkward of award shows, as hockey players as a group just aren’t comfortable being singled out.   Both the winners and presenters tend to look enormously uncomfortable and the whole event has the atmosphere a middle school assembly.   Anyone who manages to string two sentences together without stammering, apologizing or looking at his feet will probably get a job offer from a sports network!

Still, it is fun to see the players dressed up and there are a number of Bruins to cheer for,  Zdeno Chara is nominated for the Norris (best defenseman), Tuuka Rask for the Vezina (best goalie),  and Patrice Bergeron for the Selke (best defensive player) and the NHL Foundation Award (community service).  And former Bruin Andrew Ference will receive the King Clancy Trophy for his community service and all-around nice guy-ness.   Among his other good deeds, he brought the November Project to Edmonton, which is pretty great.  If I ever get super fit, I’d like to try that here in Mount Vernon!

I ran 10 miles this morning!  That was my last long run before the half-marathon next Sunday and I hope it is enough….  But Hal Higdon hasn’t let me down yet, so I am feeling  pretty confident.  I did have two questions on my run. First, should I bring my Ipod to the race?  I’m running by myself so I would  love the distraction, but don’t want to be rude to the other runners.  Is there Ipod race etiquette? And second, has anyone else noticed that Red on Orange is the New Black and Helena on Orphan Black have the same accent?   We know Helena was raised in Ukraine, but was Red brought up there too?  The google has let me down.